How to Personalize your Desktop

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How to change the appearance of your clock in Vista's gadgets - It's as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Click on the tool icon to the right of the clock gadget.


2. Click on the arrow to see all your clock choices.


3. When you find the clock you like, click OK.



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Give your flash drive a unique name to make it easier to find on any computer.

Click on your start button, and then on Computer.


You will see a list of drives on your computer. Your flash drive will generally be drive F:, G:, or H: depending on the computer you are on; and will generally be called something similar to 'Removable Drive'. In this case, mine is called 'Travel Drive'.


Right click on your flash drive and click on Rename.


The current name of the drive will be replace with a field you can type in.


Type in any name that you will find easily recognizable, and press enter. On my thumbdrive for homework, I put my first initial and last name on it. That way, if I lose it, it's easier for it to find it's way to me. I ONLY do this on my school thumb drive though. The name that you type need not be case sensitive. Windows will automatically convert it to all caps anyway. I have renamed my drive 'SELYNA'


And here is a small video recapping the process.


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This is a brief tutorial on how to change your computer's time and date. This is typically ignored by most computer users. However, keeping correct date and time is very important for certain applications. It is crucial in keeping all files in proper order as every file is time stamped at the point of creation, revisions, read and accessed .

Begin by left mouse clicking the time in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.
In the following screen that will appear, click "Change date and time settings…"
In the following screen click "Change date and time…"
You will then be prompted for permission to "Continue" or "Cancel", choose "Continue"
Now simply select the date or month by simply clicking on them and choose the date accordingly. You can click on the arrows on either side of the month to go to the next month or previous month.
Then change the time by selecting the hour, minutes, or AM/PM and use the arrows next to the time to adjust to the correct time. Be sure to select "OK" for the settings to take place.

For older versions of Windows click on the next picture for clock changing instructions.


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Deleting your browsers history is very easy and can clean up a lot of space on your hard drive. Just followe these easy steps.

1. Click on start and open your control pabel.

2. Once in control panel double click the internet options icon.

3. Find browers history and click the delete button it.

4. Lastly select which files you would like to delete and hit the delete button once again.

That is all there is to it, you are done.


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Sometimes it becomes neccessary to remove a program from your windows startup, perhaps because it's causing issues, hogging memory, or simply is unwanted. Here's an easy way to do it.

Step 1) Run msconfig by typing "msconfig" into the run box. After typing it, press return, and msconfig will open.


Step 2) You are now in msconfig, and you're ready to click on the "Startup" tab


Step 3) Once on the startup tab, you will see the list of programs that are currently set to run at startup. You may disable a program being run at startup by unclicking the check box on the left side. It this case I am going to disable Norton Ghost.


Step 4) Now that I have disabled the desired program (Norton Ghost in this case) I will now click on the apply button to apply my changes. You will notice after clicking apply, that a note appears to the right on the startup program that you've disabled, marking it's "Date Disabled"


Step 5) Now, click the OK button and you'll be warned that Windows needs to be restarted to apply your changes. Click "Restart" if you wish to restart now, or Click "Exit without Restart" if you wish to restart your PC manually at a later time.



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First step is to go into control panel scroll to Personalize

Second step is to go to your own picture files that you have saved or you can browse what Vista has to offer

Third step click on the image you would like to save as your background click on set as my desktop and now your desktop should be what you haved choosen



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